Wary of Fake Oil Use For Your Car

Wary of Fake Oil Use For Your Car

It’s hard to save to buy a favorite car, surely you do not want a bad thing happened to your car, right? Whether a new car from a dealer or a classic car with a 2tak machine you buy, you’ll want the best for your favorite car. From diligent start to always look clean, do regular maintenance, to choose the best car oil for the car is pet.

car oilMaybe to get the best quality oil you will choose to do maintenance or service at your car’s official service or repair shop. However, someday you will definitely find a situation where you have to make oil changes in another workshop that you have never tried before. If you find a situation like this, it’s good if you are more alert with the oil used. Because now there are some irresponsible workshops that use fake oil for consumers.

So you do not get caught, pay attention to some of the following fake oil traits:

The first thing you should notice is the packaging. These fake oil makers will usually use original oil packs that are refilled with fake oil. For this reason, make sure that the packaging is still in seamless condition and sealed. If the packaging is a can, it is possible there will be a dent in some parts due to improper storage. If you find something like this, pay close attention to the oil label. Because of the label will look where the oil is new and old. So even if the packaging is slightly defective you will be able to distinguish new or used oil.

When opened, pay attention to the oil color well. If the oil is cloudy and smells bad, then you better be more vigilant. Because the new oil is clean and usually tend to clear and still smells typical of oil.

The level of consistency
These fake oil makers usually will not be able to make the oil with the right level of viscosity. That’s why you should pay attention to the level of consistency of the oil you will use. Make sure that the level of consistency is the same as the oil you normally use.

Of course, so your judgment on fake oil is accurate, you also need to pay attention to the original oil you use. That way you do not just judge by estimation only. And remember that not all unofficial workshops from car manufacturers will misbehave, so no need to be afraid to do car maintenance in these workshops. You just need to be more vigilant, not avoiding it.

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