Select the Right Oil for an Old Motor

Not many people are loyal to one item, including vehicle problems. In the midst of the progress of the automotive world, where every year is always emerging vehicles of the latest type of each developer, of course it is very difficult to maintain ‘loyalty’ in our vehicles. There is a desire to change the vehicle, especially the motor, although the motor is still functioning properly. This is natural, because people always want the best. Not only the best motorcycle, but also all other devices such as best oil for motor, for example. Honda-cb Well, if you do not belong to the group above and prefer loyal to your vehicle, then congratulations! You are a small segment of the society that has many considerations. If you still choose to ride your motorcycle despite his age is old, here we give a tips to take care of the motor to stay durable and you can drive in the long term.

One of the most important things to be aware of to keep the old motor is the use of the oil. Notably, the oil for the latest motor output and oil for the old motor is quite different. The difference is certainly at the level of consistency. In the latest output motor, the oil used is a liquid oil because the distance in the engine components of the motor more tightly. Meanwhile, for the motor that is old because it is used in a long time, the oil used is a thick oil. The reason is because the components in the machine increasingly tenuous over time. This component continues to friction when working, so it must be covered with a thick oil to cover the loose space. Avoid using synthetic oil because the oil can be classified into liquid oil.

When the old motorcycle uses a thicker oil, the engine sound will be smoother. This oil helps muffle noise when operated. However, if the sound of the engine remains rough despite heavy oil, there are other factors that cause it. It could be because the old motor you’ve ever experienced dismantling or down the machine. If you have this, usually the sound of your motor machine will remain rough despite already using thick oil.

So, what if you choose to use a more fluid oil? Of course it could be, it’s just that you have to face the consequences on your motorcycle machine, ie it becomes easier to heat and slip. In addition to paying attention to the oil viscosity you use, you need to be diligent in paying attention to the motor oil duty. If the dosage is less, the machine will not be shielded to the maximum.

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