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(Regent Three of the Dutch Age, Japan, Republic of Indonesia)

He is a Bupati who is very disciplined and dedicated to his devotion to work and the people. When he was appointed as the representative of Resident Madiun (Japanese Occupation Age) very distinguish between inventory and personal property. For example piano merchandise inventory should not be recognized as private property, And after becoming resident madiun he got 2 car inventory but he did not want to take everything, just take one car and one he used for office purposes


He is very concerned about the madiun community is proved by an option where he was given a choice by the central government at that time to become a regent or resident but he remained at the establishment to be with the community madiun, So he still chose to become regent madiun, which he said to be a regent more close to the people rather than being a resident. To the Son – his daughter is also very disciplined, for example if one of his sons and daughters will not be soon fulfilled, or get a ranking), this is just an example of his son who then asked to see the aircraft closer to allow him but on condition that a new class is allowed to take a closer look, And it is proved after his son went to class then allowed to see the plane g closer.

Besides his discipline in his duties is also very simple in everyday life, both at the office and at home. And in the dress is also not conspicuous to stand out, driving roughly. For the sons and daughters are also not very spoiling, although actually there is a discipline, this is really very cultivated to his sons, who until now embedded in the hearts of every son – daughter. as one of his sons I was very impressed with his personality and discipline.

He has 3 sons (2 females and 1 male) whose male is me where I am as his 2nd son. And in the sons and daughters are also instilled a nature of honesty (should not lie). Honesty and discipline is also cultivated to all district officials without exception (if anyone is dishonest and discipline he will rebuke and scold him regardless of position). To this discipline I also apply to my students where I teach and devote myself, that is in AKMIL ( I was as one of the former akmil lecturers of th 70 to 90’s).

One of his passions is tourne (visits to villages) to stay in touch as well as to monitor the state of the madiun people. His simplicity and concern for the fate of the people, he proved at the time of the Japanese Occupation and the Indonesian Occupation, Although he did not get the inventory of his vehicle, he made a visit / Tourne to the villages to monitor the progress of the time. Sometimes in my visits as a son he is invited to look at the lives of the villagers.

While doing tourne

He was Bupati Koesnindar Born Tuesday, July 16, 1901 at 04.00 wib to coincide with 27 rabiulawal 1834 m, he graduated from Pamongpraja High School / MOSVIA / ABTENAR SCHOOL (in his Nederland language) currently known as STPDN. After completing the Pamongpraja School he served as a Mantri Police in Ponorogo, then served as assistant Wedono (Currently CAMAT) in the village of Papar Kediri, then appointed as Wedono in Lengkong Kediri. And in 1940 he was inaugurated as the Madiun Regent to replace his older brother R, M.T.R Koesmen who died of illness (at the time of Dutch occupation).

On the arrival of Japan, the people in droves ask for his protection, and he welcomes the people with open arms to keep all the people safe, so he accepts Japan well with the intention of not acting arbitrarily against the people, so all who come to the pendopo survived .

At the time of the Japanese occupation he was offered as SUCHOKAN (Resident), but he refused and still chose to be the Regent of Madiun. Because He refused, the Japanese asked him to find a replacement, so he appointed R.M Suryo (Regent Magetan) who is still a cousin, So R. Suryo Suchokan (Resident) Bojonegoro first as an indigenous person who served Suchokan (All Suchokan is Japanese). After Independence R. Suryo became the first East Java Governor.

After Indonesia Merdeka and Japan lost in World War II the youth of the warriors rolled out to disarm Japan, In Madiun he took the initiative to spearhead the disarmament in order to prevent bloodshed (which was disarmed by the Kenpetei / Japanese Military Police) by means of disarmament negotiations and the Japanese accepting to be disarmed. And after Indonesian Independence in 1945 he still choose to become Regent of Madiun, But because at that time there was a vacancy of Resident Madiun, So he was appointed by Central Government to concurrently Position as Resident and Regent of Madiun. And the double position was not long because he still chose to become Regent madiun which is closer to the people directly. He died in Surabaya on Saturday Legi November 20, 1953, And was buried in the family cemetery of Kranggan, where in the cemetery of Kranggan is also buried from Raden Ronggo to I s / d Raden Ronggo to VII and his grandchildren / heirs which is called the Madiun Park Cemetery .

Thus a brief history of Regent Madiun (Regent Three age ) R.M.T.R KOESNINDAR narrated by the son of 2 He Drs. R.M Teguh Koeswahjono (Former Lecturer AKMIL Magelang).

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