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(Regent 3 of the Dutch Age, Japan, Republic of Indonesia)

A piece of the story of the late Koesnindar from me Tegoeh Koeswahjono (About Madiun Affair)

After the independence of 1948 precisely there was an uprising by PKI MUSO (better known as “Madiun Affair”), PKI (Communist Party of Indonesia) Muso managed to control Madiun, So by the rebel Bupati Madiun (late Koesnindar) was dismissed and replaced by the Bupati newly appointed by PKI Muso namely Mr. Supardi (who is none other than the Mayor of Madiun Siding PKI). Because dismissed and replaced then automatically He (Koesnindar deceased) must step down and plans to move to the inheritance house on Jl. Lawu Madiun (House Pangeranan), But strangely Mr. Supardi did not want to occupy the home office of Madiun Regency.

At that time many government officials especially who opposed pki in kidnapped and massacred and killed by the pki, including the Regent of Magetan, Captain Hadi is still his cousin, and many others. As well as Mr. Sarjuno (Wedono who assisted in the District Office) who is still younger brother of East Java Governor (then) that is Mr. Suryo, Mr. Sarjuno is also still a cousin of him as well, And in Madiun there is chaos which does not side with pki in torture and killed, the atmosphere of Madiun at that time was very precarious and tense. And there are still many officials who were slaughtered and killed, especially those who oppose pki.

A piece of story from me as his son (who still remembered and remembered my father). At that time Pak Sarjuno who lived in the Pavilion (Pakuwon) east of Madiun Regency, Mr. Sarjuno is a tall stature like my father (Koesnindar). One time around 8 pm Madiun district was visited by an army of gunmen fully armed to arrest my father (Koesnindar deceased) due to the arrival of the rebels through the eastern door hence welcomed by Mr. Sarjuno in addition to the marquee near the guard house Madiun Regency, which by pki father Sarjuno is thought the late Koesnindar then the father of Sarjuno was kidnapped and taken away by pki to Dungus area in the village of Crackle (This place made in the massacre by the PKI MUSO). And my father (My late Koesnindar) asked the whereabouts of Mr. Sarjuno to the regent of Madiun who was in power at the time, but that was an unsatisfactory answer, because the new Regent was very sided with the pki, after investigating it was Mr. Sarjuno brought to Dungus. And because of the protection of Alloh S.W.T. then at that time Koesnindar deceased survived the arrest and execution pki.

And on September 30, 1948, the PKI ordered the capture of the late Koesnindar wherever it was and immediately to be executed and destroyed. Then the Muso rebel forces entered Madiun Regency to search for and execute the late Koesnindar, And at that time also Siliwangi and Briggade S ( Surahmad) also entered the Madiun area to crush and free Madiun from Rebel PKI. Then there is the battle in Madiun District and Surrounding because pki make resistance, rebel parties can be defeated and run away and there are surrenders. And Madiun can be recaptured by the Indonesian Republican Forces. And because of the protection of Allah S.W.T then Koesnindar deceased survived the arrest and execution pki.

this is a photo of R.M.T.R Koesnindar with Wife

After the pki was defeated and annihilated by Republic of Indonesia troops, my father (the late Koesnindar) reigned as Regent of Madiun until 1952, stopped by death (Heart and Diabetes).

He died in Surabaya on Saturday Legi November 20, 1953, and was buried in the cemetery / pesarean Kranggan family, where in the cemetery / pesarean Kranggan buried also from Raden Ronggo to I s / d Raden Ronggo to VII and the children / grandchildren / heirs who are called with Cemetery / Pesarean Park Madiun.

Thus a piece of the story of my son of the deceased Koesnindar, I Tegoeh Koeswahjono second son of the deceased. Hopefully useful and can take wisdom thanks.

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