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Motor matic oil or lubricating oil motorcycle engine is very important function for this two-wheeled vehicle. Oli also turns out many of its types, where its type will follow the type of motorcycle. For example, matic motor oil will be used for any motor matic motorcycle brand. Therefore, the use of this oil must be appropriate and should not be arbitrary because it can affect the endurance of the machine.

Motor Oil Function
motor oilOli or lubricating machine is very vital and is a much needed requirement to be able to make a motor engine can run smoothly and free will interference. In addition, this motor engine lubricant can function as a coolant as well as barrier. Therefore, each type of oil will certainly contain fine layers to minimize the occurrence of collisions between types of metal components in the machine, either scratches or wear.

Types of Motor Engine Lubricants
Indeed all types and brands of any motorcycle oil are basically the same. But the fact was in the market this engine oil has a lot of variety and kinds. Although many kinds and brands are many, based on the ingredients of his motor oil has only 3 types:

Mineral Oil
Mineral oil is made from base oil which is taken directly from the petroleum refinery and then processed as well as refined by adding additives so as to improve the ability and function of the oil. However, many engine experts suggest that users who want to change this type of oil to another oil such as synthesis oil not to be done immediately. This is because in general synthesis oil can erode the remaining (deposit) left by this mineral oil, so it can cause interference in terms of machine usage.

Mineral oil is highly recommended for use on old-year motorcycles, where the gaps in the engine more tenuous. The use of mineral oil is to maintain the durability as well as the performance of the motorcycle engine.

Semi Synthetic Oil
In contrast to the type of mineral oil used for the motor output of the old year, this semi synthetic oil is more suitable for new output motor. Semi-synthetic oil own price is quite affordable. But its use can be practically shorter than synthetic oil (5000 km). Its quality is better than mineral oil.

Synthetic Oil
For this type of synthetic oil, the ingredient consists of Polyalphaolifins which is the cleanest part of the separation from mineral oil or gas. This substance is then mixed with mineral oil. The purpose of this synthesis oil to be able to produce more effective work for the machine. So this synthetic oil will be much better quality than mineral oil.

For the type of synthetic oil can be regarded as motor oil for motor moge and motor type with high engine performance, multi cylinder, multi valve as well as high compress. Usually this type of oil will be used for motor racing. But synthetic oil can also be used for daily motors, only this will be a waste because the price of its own oil is quite expensive. The use of this type of oil spelled durable up to 10,000 km.

That info at a glance about motor oil on the market, hopefully can help and increase knowledge of the automotive world of his special motorcycle.

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