Motorcycle Spare Part Type

As a motorcycle user, of course we must diligently care for and know some types of motorcycle spare parts. This is certainly very important, so when something happens to the motor then we can fix the bike itself. Moreover, there are several types of motorcycle spare parts that have a short life and need extra care. Especially as we both know that many components of motorcycles are expensive.

spare part motor Yet in fact many motor users who underestimate it. Perhaps because now has many workshops, especially roadside workshop that provides various types of motorcycle spare parts with low prices, but the quality is not guaranteed. Well, here are some types of motorcycle spare parts that must be considered so that when we come to the garage for the service periodically will not out much money.

Motorcycle battery
We know motorcycle battery is an important motorcycle component and must be considered. Because the function of this battery is as a power supplier to start the motor engine. In addition, the battery is also a provider of backup power for machinery and electrical accessories on motorcycles. Because its function is very vital, then try to always check the battery periodically.

Aki for motorcycles there are two types, namely dry battery and wet battery. Dry battery is usually used by matic motors. In addition to not need to do maintenance, dry battery has a small dimension. But many are complaining of dry batteries more quickly damaged. In contrast to dry batteries, wet batteries are actually more durable time. But still wet battery requires treatment, where wet batteries should always be filled with battery water when run out.

Oil is also very vital, because oil is a lubricant for motorcycle engines. If the olinya alone is damaged, of course this will damage the machine especially if the motor is for long distance travel then this will make the machine becomes worn out. If it happens like that, then the machine will be damaged and jammed instantly and this can affect other components. Therefore, always try to change the oil at least once a month to keep the machine durable.

Tires are an important component for a motorcycle because the tire is the fulcrum of the motor to be able to walk. Types of tires that many in the market now there are 2 types, namely ordinary tires (requires inner tube) and tubless tires. Although you buy the best brands and quality, tires also have a lifetime, maximal 1-2 years, then it is better if it is past the period should replace with a new tire. If maintained, the tire condition will be bad and can be dangerous. Another condition in which to choose to replace a new tire, if the tire is often patched because it is easy to leak.

Brake & Rope Brake
Brakes are the most important thing in driving either by car or motorcycle. With the brake rate of the vehicle can be controlled. Without brakes, it will certainly be a lot of accidents. But if the brakes work properly, guaranteed your trip will be comfortable and safe. Therefore, always pay attention to brake lining and brake strap. For a motor that uses disc brakes, then diligent-diligent is doing maintenance (service) to the official workshop in order to monitor the situation.

Now the lights become spare parts or important components in driving on the highway. Why not ? Because now there are police regulations to always turn on the lights when driving both morning, noon, and also night. If you do not turn it on, you’ll get a ticket. The lamp is also associated with the battery, if the light is bright then the battery is still good. But on the contrary, if both the headlights and the cigar lights can not turn on, there must be a problem with your motorcycle battery.

Chain / belt
For motorcycle owners both 4 stroke and matic, chain / belt is the most important component. If no, then your motorcycle will not be able to go anywhere aka can not be used. Therefore, always check the chain / belt every day to avoid breaking in the middle of the road. Perform chain maintenance by giving oil or special liquid to make the chain is not dirty or even noisy when the motor road.

Spark plugs
Spark plugs also include important components, same thing with chains, tires, and batteries. Without spark plugs, the motor is certainly not going to be turned on. Degan spark plugs, the engine will do the combustion to burn the fuel so that the motor can be used. Try to have spare plugs dibagasi motor, so that when the travel plug will die immediately can be replaced itself without having to workshop.

Carburetors are an important part of a motorcycle. The cleanliness of these components is essential to make the fuel transmission smooth. Of course carburetor checks are usually done when doing service either small service or big service.

Gas strap
Gas strap too classified as important, where a gas strap breaks out or a macat when the journey will be troublesome and very dangerous. This is because it can make the engine spin out of control. Regular maintenance should be done periodically to see whether or not the gas strap is good. There are signs if the gas strap problematic, such as when pulling gas was jammed and substandard. Good if it already knows it will more directly replace with a new gas strap for smooth fuel transmission. Hopefully this article can make the owners of vehicles, especially motorcycles to pay more attention to all important components, so safe and comfortable can be felt when driving on the highway.

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