Motorcycle Safe Tips For Women

Motorcycle Safe Tips For Women

Currently, motorcycle users are not only limited to males but also have penetrated into female users. Try checking on the highway; almost the majority of road users are now dominated by women. The need for rapid mobilization is the main reason why women are beginning to switch to motor vehicles. Driving in traffic is no longer an obstacle, because these women are very tough!
woman-riding-motorcycle, If you belong to the women who ride a motorcycle, you should check the following tips to stay safe!

  1. Avoid wearing a skirt. For convenience and safety while driving, avoid using a skirt while riding a motorcycle. The reason, using a skirt will reduce our movement so we will be difficult when driving the motor. Moreover, using a skirt can also provoke the ignorant hands of other riders while in the middle of the road. So, it’s better to wear trousers only and replace with a skirt so get to the destination if we want to wear a skirt.
  2. Do not wear high heels. Undeniably, high heels do give a special impression on the women when being worn. Only, it would be very dangerous if we choose to wear shoes entitled while driving the motor. The reason, it is feared we will find it difficult when trying to pass the teeth or when positioning the legs in the clutch. It is recommended to use flat shoes or running shoes that are comfortable to wear.
  3. Do not wear excessive jewelry. Accessories and women are a unity. To make the appearance look perfect, women tend to use accessories as well as jewelry to complement their daily style. However, should avoid this if we drive on a motorcycle to go to the office. The reason, jewelry can provoke the attention of criminals and can harm ourselves, you know.
    Always keep the workshop phone number. We never know what will happen to us while driving, so better be prepared, right? Keep the phone number of our subscription in the mobile phone or store the business card of the workshop in the motor seat. When there are undesirable things happen to the motor, we already know where to contact.

That’s some of the things we can do to drive with the motor can walk comfortably and safely. Good luck yes, girls! Do not forget to pay attention around while driving ??

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