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Magelang is a cool little town and has a beautiful penorama, where the location of Magelang City between Semarang City and Jogjakarta City surrounded by mountains, including Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing and Mount Merapi. In Magelang there are several locations to see the sunrise that has long been a favorite of foreign tourists. Here are some locations to see the best sunrise in Magelang that you should enjoy.

1. Punthuk Setumbu

Punthuk Setumbu has been known by many as the best sunrise viewing location in Magelang. Often photographers are willing to wait for the sun to rise for a long time, hours to get the best moment to catch the sun getting up from sleep. You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise from behind Mount Merapi and Merbabu in addition you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Borobudur Temple in the morning. Punthuk Setumbu is located on a hill in Karangrejo Village, Borobudur District or about 5 KM from Borobudur Temple. To enjoy the beauty of the sunrise charms in Punthuk Setumbu indeed required a struggle because this hill has a height of about 400 mdpl.

2. The Hill Chicken Church of Rhema

You will be amazed by the beautiful scenery of this place, where there is a giant chicken-shaped building on the hill. The Hill of Rhema or otherwise known as the Chicken Church has a unique architectural form and becomes one of the most unique buildings in the world. Actually this building is in the shape of Pigeon and not Church, Rhema Hill building consists of several parts, namely base level (chicken body), second level (chicken neck), third level (chicken beak), and fourth level (top) which is crown of chicken . There are 2 favorite locations that see the sunrise at Bukit Rhema (Church Chicken) is the location of Mahkota building and Kedai Rakyat location. In the crown has a very limited capacity, only about 15 people who can be in the crown. But for those of you who do not miss in the crown area, do not be sad there is still area of ​​People’s Store that is not less beautiful and has more capacity.

3. Borobudur Sunrise

Borobudur temple has its own charm for sunrise lovers. The temple is located in Borobudur district is indeed famous for its beauty of global architecture. But did you know that Borobudur save the exotic side of the beautiful sunrise? The tour of Borobudur Temple is open to the public from 06.00 – 17.00. Meanwhile, to be able to enjoy the sunrise, at least you have to be ready since at 05.00 pm. Then, how to enjoy Borobudur sunrise? To be able to enjoy it, you must first contact the temple or party attendant.

4. Hill Purwosari (Hill Purwosari)

Besides Punthuk Setumbu, Chicken Church and Borobudur Temple, the best sunrise charm you should also enjoy from Purwosari Hill (Hill Purwosari). On the hill located in Hamlet Wonotigo, Kembanglimus Village, Borobudur District, you not only can enjoy the exotic sunrise from the top of the hill, lo.Tapi, you can also enjoy the amazing Borobudur Temple covered with morning fog and the charm of the Church Chicken is unique and phenomenal.

5. Peak of Mount Telomoyo

Telomoyo is a mountain located on the border of Magelang and Semarang regencies. This mountain is in the ranks of Mount Merbabu, precisely located on the west side of the mountain. To be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountain, of course, in our mind will also cross how complicated and difficult the struggle to achieve it. However, not to install this one. You will not be burdened with all the supplies and climbing things because here you can travel by motor vehicle up. In addition to watching the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountain, you will also be treated to a natural panorama of Rawa Pening lake that is not less captivating.

Thus a buddy glimpse of the city of Magelang, May be an alternative destination of your tour



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