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The most important thing in doing WordPress website optimization for search engines is by adding it to Google Webmaster Tools. In this tutorial we discuss how easy, step-by-step to verify google console.You can know which search queries where pages from your site appear in search results and how often they are clicked.

This data can help you improve the articles you write, help the process of writing new articles, to find the best strategy for your website. Google Webmaster Tools also lets you submit an XML sitemap from your website, excluding URLs, and also helps Google show your website’s most important content. In addition, this tool can also let you know when there is a problem with your site where Google stopped crawling and no longer indexing your website. What do you need? To start this tutorial, make sure you have: Google Account. WordPress dashboard

Step I

1: Get Webmaster Verification Code.

  1. Please access Google Webmaster Tools and log in using your Google account. After successfully logging in, click the ADD A PROPERTY button, add your website URL and click the Add button “Google Webmaster Tools
  2. On the next page you will be prompted to verify ownership of the website you added. Please click alternative method tab and select HTML tag, then copy Meta that appear inserted inside <head & gt; tags from your site Please login to

Step 2

  1. first before pressing VERIFICATION Step button

2: Installing Webmaster Verification Code on Site You can actually use one of several options, for example by uploading the provided HTML file into the website’s main directory. Well, the upload process you can start by using FTP. Only, in this tutorial will be discussed option by adding meta tag in your website header. To easily add meta tags to your website, use the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Install and activate the plugin, how you can see the installation in the following tutorial. After the plugin has finished installing and running it, copy the meta tag provided by Google Webmaster Tools in step 1. This code is as you can see below. “Google-site-verification” content = “Verify Code” / & gt;

  1. Please select Settings menu & gt; Enter Header and Footer, then paste the meta tag into the header tag. After that, please save your changes.Google Webmaster Tools4. Go back to the Google Webmaster Tools page and click the Verify site button. If all the steps you have taken are appropriate, you will see your verification success message. Conclusion Once your website has been successfully verified in Google Webmaster Tools, you can check if the website is trindexed by google by performing on google search search.

So a brief explanation, hopefully useful and useful ..

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