Difference Engine Oil and Transmission Oil for Motor Matic

With road conditions that increasingly crowded, motor matic was finally starting a lot. However, with such a heavy condition it means we should pay more attention to the maintenance of our motor, so we can always use whenever we need. Changing motor oil regularly is one of the most common motorcycles performed by motor owners. In addition to regular oil changes, choosing the right motor oil is also very important, such as using Cold Specialist Oil for our favorite motor matic.

oil transmission and matic enginesOuting oil regularly and choosing the right motor oil is very important, because it is very influential on the performance of our motor when dikendaraai. The condition of oil that is not good will directly affect the performance of the engine and will interfere with comfort when we drive. In addition, if this is allowed to continue to have a negative impact on our motor and make our motor engine easily damaged. Surely we do not want this to happen to our motorcycle.

Unlike the manual motor that uses only engine oil, the motor matic will use two types of oil. Both types of oil have different functions, and different replacement periods. Two types of oil on motor matic include:

Machine oil
In manual motors, engine oil has a dual function that is to lubricate the engine along with other components and provide lubricant on the transmission system. However, in matic motors, the transmission system is not lubricated by engine oil. Engine oil will only lubricate engine components only. Engine oil is generally replaced every 5000 km or can also every 3 or 4 months depending on the type of oil used (read the user manual of the dealer).

Transmission Oil / Gear Oil
Transmission oil is only used on matic vehicles only, as in motor matic. This oil serves to lubricate the transmission work system, in order to work properly. In motor matic transmission, there are many components that rub against each other, because that’s what changing this oil regularly becomes very important. This oil transmission change is not as frequent as the engine oil change, usually about 1 year or every 15,000 km (read the dealer’s manual).

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