conditions of extreme braking suddenly

In driving the condition of a standstill or stop and go required braking system conditions are very good for the vehicle can be controlled perfectly and avoid the things that are not desirable. But why should give priority if on the street more silent vehicle than walking.

Braking under conditions of congestion and stopping and going seems trivial, but what happens is that the braking components are subjected to heavy loads because of too much braking on the brakes for long periods of friction resulting in frictional components. This results in increased heat, especially on the piston and brake canvas . This condition makes the braking performance decrease and will become more fatal again if the brake fluid as a motion delivery media is not able to provide maximum protection.

The brake degradation feature, however, can be recognized when there is a squeaking noise during braking, the car tends to tilt to the left or right during braking, vibration during normal braking, the brakes are smoky due to congestion on the brake discs with the canvas brakes, and another most dangerous is the brake holes where when the brake lever stepped on the vehicle can not stop or brake failed.

The blong brakes are generally caused by the brake fluid that is known to be more able to withstand heat due to continuous braking friction, causing more or more air spaces in the know with the fake brakes and also because the quality of the brake fluid is not good or has fallen quality due to the use of too long (ideally brake oil is replaced every 20,000 km or 1 year life).

Therefore it is very important to check the condition of the brake system regularly and do not forget to record the quality of brake fluid because brake fluid can be regarded as a blood brake system. The more quality of brake fluid the more optimal the performance of brakes and components are more durable in the brake system. So choose a suitable brake fluid with a good standard or brake fluid that suits your vehicle type.

Each vehicle has different brake fluid specifications, Please refer to your vehicle manual and recommended by the manufacturer. There are several types of brake fluid DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5 or DOT 5.1. But for the most important driving safety is the quality of brake fluid. The quality of the brake fluid surely has a boiling point plays an important role in the performance of the brake system and in general the brake fluid quality has met even beyond the standardization of the world.

In consideration, we need to choose to brake fluid with a trusted brand that has international credibility and is active in a world-class professional racing event because it proves that in extreme conditions even if the vehicle is still braking well.

In addition, it should also be noted that the composition of brake fluid that has an active formula in protecting the brake system components from corrosion, rust and oxidation so that the brake system will be more durable and safe in all conditions of use.

With the selection of qualified brake fluids we are becoming more able to anticipate the failure of brake function in the worst and worst travel situations and conditions such as stopping and going congestion at high speed.

So yes buddy review a little about the use of brake fluid, In order for us to be more careful and always pay attention to the condition of our vehicles. And most importantly we must always be vigilant and careful in driving.

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