big wash coin laundry


LAUNDROMAT – The Laundry Business Revolution

big wash coin laundry

The development of big cities is always laden with frenzied. Even a very tedious congestion, which will further make your work hours decrease in everyday life at home. You who maybe 5-6 years ago still have time doing homework, now all the more difficult. Leave work while it’s still dark, come home also when it’s dark. Will you continue to be a hoax where your time will be shorter consumed by time? Starting with business thinking is probably the choice, the choice you want, so you can manage your own time, to spend more time with family. Then, the question is, which business is the choice, in the middle of the choice of doing business So much? Food, cafe, car wash? How is the opportunity? Have you ever thought about starting a laundry business? Currently, there is a modern and sophisticated laundry system. This washing system has existed for a long time in developed countries in other parts of the world such as Continental Europe and the United States. Have you ever known Laundromat, a revolution in the laundry business by using coins? Then, what is a Laundromat? How does the washing system work? Is Laundromat different from other laundry business such as laundry kilo or drop-off as we know so far? Let’s discuss them one by one. Why coin laundry? Only with a coin can the washing machine itself? What do you think when you hear the coin laundry? So what’s the difference with laundry kilo and it has also mushroomed even to the residential area? How to segment a coin laundry business? Laundromat referred to them as a laundry business as a cultural revolution, where the washing machines are operated with coins or cards. Laundromat is an exciting business for many laundry entrepreneurs because the operation can run alone with the activities of washing the drying process undertaken by customers themselves. This is where the most significant Laundromat business benefits, because they are washing their customers’ own clothes. So, if this LaundromatRun from home, you do not need to add the cost to pay employees as simple as that. You can do it yourself, even with no need to add costs and effort (even salary) to washing and ironing customers’ clothes. If you put your clothes in the laundry or Kilogram, you will only be served until the calculation of how many kilos of clothes you wash, then in the business of Laundromat, you ‘accompany’ your clothes to dry. You do not have to worry about your clothes mixing with other people’s clothes, broken, lost, and so on. Coin laundering segmentation is for those who are in large populated cities. Where their routine is solid and do not have time to wash their own clothes. If the laundry unit or kilogram that we know it takes up to 3 days (regular package) to complete or packing only takes 2 – 3 hours only. So a brief explanation laundromat may be useful and useful for you all.

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