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If you as a new blogger and just start entering the world of blogging or website? Or have you been studying blogging or website for a long time but the website that you built so far does not produce anything even if it has been filled with a lot of content in it?

All bloggers or people who own the website would want if the various articles you have created so far appear on the first page of Google even reach the top ranking of Google search. However, if you just want to be without the right effort to achieve it will be a waste of things.

One of the most important things you should do to achieve top ranking in Google search is by submitting URLs on Google. Have you done that? It’s an easy way for your articles to be read quickly by the Google search engine.

How to Submit URLs on Google:

Registering a Website To Google
Although in general search engines that would do crawl on all websites or blogs available, but to optimize it, you should register or submit your blog url or website first.

As you have seen so far, that Google is a search engine ranked number one.

And if you register blog or website url to search engine then that is the first step you can do to apply SEO technique (search engine optimization), that is maximize result of index of Google to url blog / website or every page.

Submit on Google Add URL
This Google search engine has provided a special place for you to enter your own articles one by one, in the following ways.

The first thing you should do is to visit the website
If you have logged in to the website above then you need to copy the URL of the article you have and then input it into Google Add URL.
Then fill in the captcha correctly and correctly then the article you input has successfully entered into the Google search engine, you just wait just when Google will bring up your article, usually in a matter of hours you can find your article in Google search engine.
Submit on Google Webmaster Tools
The last way you can apply is to enter your article URL into Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), before entering your article URL you should make sure if you have registered your website to Google Webmaster Tools.

If your website or blog has been listed on this tool, then click the name of the website you have to get into the management page.
Then you need to click the Crawl menu and choose Fetch as Google.
Next fill in your latest article link on the Fetch as Google” page and then click “Fetch”. Then within a few seconds, your web page will be picked up by the google search engine.
And the last step you need to do is to click “Submit to Index” and then select “Crawl only this URL” and press “Go” button. And you just have to wait a few seconds before all is done.
Well, that’s some how to submit a URL on Google that you can apply in boosting the existence of your article in order to enter the first page of Google and can even reach the top Google rank if you apply the above ways. Good luck and good luck.

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