dieng plateau

Dieng is a tourist area located in Banjarnegara and Wonosobo districts at an altitude of 2,090 MDPL. The beauty of heaven is already famous since the first.

It has a variety of natural and historical attractions that become a favorite of domestic and foreign tourists, such as Arjuna Temple Complex, Color Lake, Sikidang Crater, Dieng Plateau Theater, and so on. But do you know at this time there are many new tourist destinations that not many people know in Dieng? Among others are :

tourist attractions in dieng

1.Whole View of Wind Ratapan

The main landscape of this spot is the adjacent Telaga Warna and Pengilon Lake sights. Coupled with Prau Mountain as its background. Batu Pandang Ratapan Angin is near Dieng Plateau Theater. It takes approximately 7 minutes to walk a little climb to get there. On the way you will be walking along a path between a field of potato or bean farm and a carica plantation. Then, you can see the stunning landscape of the hills with andesitic stones of various shapes and Sikidang Crater on the right.

2.Golden Sunrise Bukit Sikunir

For those of you who want to see the sunrise from the summit without having to spend a lot of energy and time to climb a high mountain, this is the place.
Sikunir is one of the best sunrise spot in the world. Located in the village of Sembungan, the highest village on the island of Java, an altitude of 2,350 MDPL.

Although somewhat steep and there is a ravine on the side of the road, the trip to the top of the hill is quite easy climbing trekking. Quite a 30 minute walk from the parking area. At the peak you will be amazed by the appearance of the rising sun is enhanced with a giant silhouette of Mount Sindoro.

3.Padang Savana Telaga Semurup

No need all the way to Africa, in Dieng there is also savanna. Located at an altitude of 2300 MDPL Hamlet Karangsari, Dieng Kulon Village, Batur, Banjarnegara. Hidden behind the height of Bukit Pangonan. This place is the center of bun upas (dry dew), which causes the grass here is brown. Padang Savana Telaga Semurup can be reached about 20 minutes walk from Karangsari basecamp. According to the story, this savanna used to be a lake. Uniquely, if the rainy season this place is a very green pasture, when the dry season becomes dry grassland with trees that are molt.

  1. Dringo Lake

Dringo lake is touted as Ranukumbolo KW. In this lake you can enjoy a panoramic lake surrounded by green hills and decorated with a stretch of volcanic material in the form of sand.Letaknya located at an altitude of 2222 MDPL requires you to climb or trekking to reach it. This beautiful place is located in Pekasiran Village District Batur Banjarnegara, bordering with Batang Regency. The most fun way to enjoy this place is by slender.

During camping you can fish, hiking, trekking down the whip pastures, and see the sunset in the afternoon from the hilltop that surrounds Draga Lake.

  1. Wana Wisata Petak 9 Bukit Sidengkeng

The 9th plot of Bukit Sidengkeng is the most sought after tourist attraction. Located on the north side of Telaga Warna in Dieng Wetan Village, Wonosobo regency. From this place you can see the beautiful Lake Color and Lake Pengilon with the background of Mount Sindoro. From the opposite direction of Batu Pandang Ratapan Breeze To see it, you need to climb to the top of Bukit Sidengkeng.Ketika go there, you will be greeted approximately 75 types of plants endemic Dieng.

Then you will walk through the path uphill about 15 minutes. The trip will be fun as you can enjoy the rows of decacent acacia trees and various flowers.

  1. Prau Mountain

This mountain is declared as the best sunrise view in Southeast Asia. Located in District Kejajar Wonosobo regency height of 2565 MDPL. Ascent is relatively easy and short, because the starting point of climb is already at the altitude of 1700 MDPL. Suitable for novice climbers.

In this mountain, you will be treated to the beauty of teletubies hills, daisy daisies, and of course golden sunrise. Climbing time from the nearest basecamp is about 2-3 hours.

  1. D’Qiano Dieng Water Park

D’Qiano Water park is the latest tourist location located in Desa Kepakisan Batur District Banjarnegara District. Approximately 7 KM from the tourism center Dieng.Water this park is the highest thermal bath in Indonesia.

In addition to having various types of ponds, D’Qiano is also equipped with outbound arena, lodging, restaurants, clinics and ambulances, as well as mosques. Quite affordable for the enjoyment of playing warm water over the clouds

Thus a glimpse of the attractions of Dieng Wonosobo regency.

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